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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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here. the k-rails are down for one thing. >> reporter: indeed. you don't have to guess about the progress. we did get an official caltrans briefing just about an hour ago and they said, ken, indeed, everything is on schedule. just 24 hours ago, it was carrying 270,000 cars, trucks and buses across the bay. but now, heavy machinery is tearing out concrete and paving is under way at both the toll plaza and at the yerba buena island transition. >> that's what's going to get cars onto the bridge. that's why we built the new east span. >> reporter: but while work is going on to connect the new span to the traffic lanes, work is also under way to remove the old cantilever section of the bridge which now sits eerily empty. environmental concerns mean it capital just be imploded and allowed to drop into the bay so engineers are going to slowly take it apart piece by piece. crews will even be building some new support structures in the process. >> right now, this is a highly strong and stressed system. and when we start deconstructing it we are going
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to start taking members down from this system and the first member we take out and all of a sudden the system isn't there anymore. >> reporter: sophisticated computer modeling has now been completed on the old bridge, which is far different now than it was when it first opened in 1936. at that time, the lower deck carried only trucks and streetcars. so engineers want to make sure they understand exactly how the stresses and the loads are distributed. >> it's a huge structure. very complicated. 80 years old, gone through various rehabilitations, various retrofits, very important for us to have this information. >> reporter: back to a live picture now in emeryville, this is the view from here. the cost of the demolition of the old cantilever section and the truss section that comes in from oakland, about $250 million, ken. and they are concerned about all the looky-loo issues once
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the new bridge opens. they will see an entire section hanging over there a gap in the middle and they are concerned people will be distracted as they drive by. that will be the next phase. first we have to get people going across the new span. >> yeah, no doubt people looking to the left of the deconstruction and to the right to the beautiful view of san francisco that they have never seen before, something to look forward to. thank you, mark. now, based on the what we have seen today, it's pretty hard to believe that 24 hours ago there were actually cars heading eastbound on the upper deck there and it hasn't been that long ago. it's no doubt been a busy day for commuters all around the bay area who are used to take the bay bridge every day. they have been scrambling to find alternate transit options. most people going by bart or by boat. some people stuck in their cars. yesterday was bart's 10th busiest day ever before the bridge even shut down. we could see another historic day today from midnight to
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10:00 this morning, more than 161,000 people took bart. we'll have the numbers tonight for you on kpix 5 at 11:00. that's an increase, by the way, of nearly 31,000 riders compared to the same morning last year. now, the ferries they also saw a big jump in commuter traffic nearly a 60% boost just over 3,000 passengers making their morning commute by sea yesterday. today, let's compare it. there were more than 4700 people on the ferries by noon alone. so a huge jump there. the parking lots filled up pretty fast, as well. so if you are going to take the ferry tomorrow, they are telling us to tell you plan on arriving a little bit early and make sure that you get a parking space. we are well into rush hour, although the rush hour is a bit changed this time around. nobody crossing the bridge. we are going to throw it over to kpix 5's liza battalones for the latest. >> reporter: we have been using the. >> reporter: traffic nightmare for the commute to describe what's going on out there
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today. chopper 5 is up and out over the san mateo bridge where we have seen very long delays, over two-hour delays for drivers leaving san francisco heading down southbound 101 towards highway 92. right there, you can see all the slow traffic. this is eastbound 92 traffic heading across the san mateo bridge as folks try to get around the bay bridge closure. again, you are look at over two- hour delays leaving san francisco down 101 heading towards the san mateo bridge. take 280 instead. we just checked on that. that is still looking okay an an alternate as with the dumbarton bridge. now, we have been talking about the drive heading down 101. again, expect big delays from at least the 380 interchange approaching the turnoff heading toward highway 92. now, the golden gate commute, that's been also another rough ride all afternoon long into this evening. northbound 101 traffic is going to be backed up into san francisco on to city streets from the marina district. reports of very heavy traffic on lombard and park presidio
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getting towards the golden gate. once you past the golden gate it's extremely slow as folks avoid the bay bridge and take 101 northbound heading towards the richmond span. you can see right here the richmond bridge is still looking okay but just long delays for 101 both ways through marin county. that's a look at the evening commute, ken. >> reporter: all right, thank you, liza. if it makes any difference, we are in the same boat you are. a lot of us live in the east bay. we crossed the bridge today. it took me an hour and a half to get to san francisco around the san mateo bridge. i'm feeling you pain. consider bart and the ferries and then it's saturday. whether by boat or by bart, a lot of people had to think of a different way to get to work today. and ryan takeo tells us that some people who decided to park in parking lots got a rude awakening. a little something on the windshield. >> reporter: that's right, ken. nothing like a $40 ticket to welcome you back when you get to your car. that was just one way of telling who the casual bart riders were today.
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we got some of that video over at the walnut creek bart station. we saw several cars that had tickets on the windshield. bart police said they wanted the lot clear for riders with permits. we also found parking enforcement officers writing tickets near the lafayette bart station. they said there was some overflow onto city streets but they expected much more. today was also nice for some who normally drive and instead rediscovered bart. >> you had to wait for the people to get off before there was enough space for anybody else to get on and then i'm not sure everybody waiting actually made it on to the train. >> there's a lot of people on the train. i wasn't used -- there's usually nobody when we get on at like 6-something in the morning and it was completely packed. like i was smushed against the wall. >> reporter: so the bart trains were very crowded today. every 10 to 15 minutes, we would see folks like this just a flood of people coming in from the city right on cue here
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at the pleasant hill bart station. the consensus among the riders is that they would rather stand on bart on the crowded trains than sit in traffic. live at the pleasant hill bart station. i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> all right. ryan, thanks for that report. hey, another sign that things are moving along. and no pickup here, but the sign, the traffic sign on the bridge, came on a little while ago. it says the sign test august 29th, 2013. a-okay. so the signs work. next time you drive across the bridge, it will all be a-okay. we are going to toss it back to you guys. allen? >> all right. a sign of the times. that's a good sign. all right, ken, thanks. you can find a full list of travel alternatives during the bay bridge closure on our website, go to to check out our survival guide. we're asking ourselves, why did it take so long? >> bay area bike share finally gets rolling. coming up, how you can rent a pair of wheels and the problem the program is already encountering. >> as firefighters gain ground
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on that huge yosemite wildfire, tonight how a devastated bay area natural sanctuary proves wildlife can rise from the ashes. >> and i'm meteorologist paul deanno reporting live from a sunny and very quiet treasure island. behind me the new eastern span of the bay bridge. will the weather continue to cooperate for final construction of that passengers? that and your labor day forecast coming up. >> how bart braced for the bay bridge closure and geared up for today's commuting crunch. female narrator: through labor day at sleep train, female narrator: through labor day get 36 monthrest-free g plus big savings of up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, plus free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set.
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apart the old eastern span. it will be at least four more days before cars are crossing the new bay bridge. they are ripping apart of the old span. the first or the of business rerouting the old approach on to the new span as the first order of business. the demolition has been in full
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swing for nearly 24 hours now. once the new bridge is open, the old bridge will be taken apart starting with the dreaded "s" curve. it will be three years before the old bridge is gone for good. pedal power has officially arrived here in the bay area. kpix 5's len ramirez on the program encouraging people to ditch their cars for a pair of wheels. >> reporter: with the flip of a switch the racks were unhitched and the bay area bike share program was off and rolling. >> hop on a bike and take off anywhere you want to go in the city. >> reporter: bike share backers and city officials took off for a ceremonial first spin around the block to celebrate the work and the years of planning that made bike sharing a reality. >> what we're finding in cities throughout the world is that it really helps folks move out of cars on to transit because it solves that challenge that a lot of transit riders have of getting from the station to work or to the university wherever it is they want to end up. >> reporter: the bikes are available 24/7 to adults over 18 with a credit card you can
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buy a membership on the spot for $88 a year. 22 for 3 days or $9 for one day. but you're only allowed to keep the bikes out for half hour blocks at a time or else you'll pay overage fees. >> we are trying to device it for long term use. this is not a traditional recreational bike rental. this is meant to be a short- term bike transit system. >> reporter: one of the key parts of this program is that it's regional. in other words, you can pick up a bike in san jose, ride it to a caltrain station, drop it off and then pick up another one in redwood city or san francisco. and then do the same thing on the way home. >> there it goes. >> yeah! >> reporter: san francisco, palo alto, mountain view, redwood city and san jose are the cities so far participating. each city has several racks of bikes in key destinations and transthe hubs. the bikes themselves are heavy duty with gps devices built in and special non-removable parts to discourage theft. >> got to put my bag up front.
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>> reporter: going commutes on a -- greg commutes on a bus between santa cruz and san jose and plans to use bike share for the final mile between the stop and his office. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the bike share program is only about 6 hours old here in the bay area. and well, this bike has already been damage. officials aren't sure if it's from vandals or if something happened while the bike was being installed. new at 6:00 the troubled investigation is finally complete. san francisco police now say a truck driver was at fault in the accident that killed a cyclist at 6th and folsom. the 24-year-old woman was hit august 14. as we reported tuesday, it was the san francisco bicycle coalition that tracked down video of that accident, not police investigators. and in another embarrassment for the department, an officer apparently got confrontational at a memorial for the victim telling the crowd, it was her fault. tonight, the department is apologizing for that officer and handing the case over to
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the d.a.'s office. we're continuing to follow developing news out of the sierra where firefighters are gaining some ground on that massive wildfire burning in and around yosemite national park. flames have scorched more than 192,000 acres since august 17. it is now the sixth largest fire in california's history. crews have it 30% contained. and the so-called "rim" fire is burning northeast of groveland in tuolumne county. flames have spread to about 6% of yosemite national park. but that's not stopping some campers this labor day weekend. >> natural disneyland. >> a trip you weren't going to miss? >> no. no not unless we had to. >> the fire still threatens the hetch hetchy reservoir. san francisco's main water supply. but firefighters say flames are burning themselves out as they approach the reservoir. crews are still weeks away from having the fire fully surrounded. and for all the latest
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updates on the "rim" fire, go to you'll find interactive maps detailing just how far it has spread and the communities impacted. a lot of people are expressing heartbreak over what is perceived as natural devastation at yosemite. but not that long ago, what's known as the vision fire scorched 12,000 acres in point reyes national seashore. it started october 3, 1995. coincidentally the same day as the o.j. simpson verdict. if you visit the park, 18 years later, the aftermath may surprise you. >> as the fire was coming from the mount vision area, coming down the slope, then the fire was burning very hot, pretty much burning all vegetation in its wake. as far as your eyes can go, then what you're seeing right now on these hillsides is all new growth since that fire. >> not another way to describe
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what we're seeing from up here except really total devastation. >> everything burned that was here. everything was burned. yet at the same time, that created this amazing habitat for regrowth and that's exactly what we have. and you can see the mature trees that lost its life in the fire. yet at the same time gave new life to the forest by dropping its seed. you could refer to it almost as a 70-foot lawn. it's not quite as chic as a lawn but the density you see behind me right now is very typical of what has grown back. >> reporter: the bulk of the firefighting effort has come from helicopters. the air attack here and the reason to malice bay. they can pull water out of here and take it to the fire in less than a minute. >> it burned right up and into the sand dunes of the area that we're at right now which is limantour beach. this came back very quickly. we literally saw in burn areas, we saw green grass coming up a day after it had burned. the fire comes through and
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said, you know what, we're going to just clean the slate and start again. and that's what we've seen here. >> reporter: it's painful. you're looking at what was once an untouched part of nature. now you've got dark lifeless acres left in the wake of a fire that have replaced the lush green natural beauty that the bay area used to treasure so much. >> the fire itself is part of the whole history of the landscape around here. and i think when you kind of think of the "rim" fire going on in and around yosemite right now, i'm very hopeful that, yes, there's this stark feeling that there's this devastation that's occurring. and it's certainly a tragedy just like it was here if people lose their homes and that's very, very unfortunate. but when you are looking at just the natural ecosystem itself, in the national park, for example, then i think there's a lot of hope that if you just kind of wait and see, i think things will come back in a very natural way.
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>> and take a look at this. this is a pine cone. that's pretty solid. it is sealed with natural resins, tough you would have to struggle to get it open even if you are a screwdriver and hammer. >> so what happens when it burns? >> that's the thing. they tell us that it's designed to burn open up and then the seeds go into the ground so the trees if they do burn, they seed themselves and start up again. >> oh, my. okay. incredible. >> learn something new. thank you. chief meteorologist paul deanno brings us our pinpoint forecast live from treasure island tonight. paul. >> it is a beautiful evening out here and all the folks who have put in so much work over, what the past 16 years to get this bridge finished have to be very thankful for the weather that we're going to have over the next couple of days. there's a reason -- part of the reason why they're doing this now as opposed to later in the year scheduling this for october, november or december, is the fact that you can't finish this construction if it's raining. you can't lay the asphalt. you can't stripe the road. you need dry weather. thankfully, it has been dry and will continue to be dry for the
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next several days and that's good news for you if you have any outdoor plans for the labor day holiday weekend. let me show you highs today as we use the western span of the bay bridge as a backdrop. warm but not hot inland. livermore 88, concord 685, san rafael 86. 81 in san jose. and 69 degrees in downtown san francisco this afternoon. there is a large area of low pressure to our north and west. there's a large area of high pressure to our south and east. this has been the battle played out all summer long and right now, and tomorrow as well, high pressure will win out. kind of a shoving that marine layer offshore just a little bit and giving us even warmer weather coming up tomorrow to the tune of 3 to 5 degrees warmer so specifics now for your friday. oakland at 78 degrees. 4 degrees above average. concord you're going to make it to the low 90s. and san jose likely a couple of degrees above average, as well. other highs for tomorrow, santa rosa you'll make it to 90. warmest day of the week for you. mountain view 81. and pacifica, you'll even be mild with some sunshine and the
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high of 68 degrees. after tomorrow, that low pressure system begins to win out and the onshore flow gets stronger. we're going to cool down for the weekend. not chilly, but it will be cooler. sunday upper 80s inland, low 70s near the bay. labor day monday will likely be the coolest day of the holiday weekend but any outdoor activities, it is thumbs up. we're looking just excellent weather-wise for the upcoming weekend. got to tell you, treasure island is a ghost town. there's nothing going on but matteo's little food shack if you have been to treasure island, we wanted to pick one, $2 in the finest in sugar and dough. you can get a churro. but getting here might be tough. but if you get here, there's still food. >> thanks, paul. escorted out of homes in handcuffs, coming up, what the arresting agents found in freezers today after an unusual bay area raid. >> if i just didn't get no food stamps from the government i wouldn't be able to buy food. >> screaming protestors invade
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fast-food restaurants pushing for bigger paychecks. why some minimum wage bay area workers told us they don't want raises. >> and the 49ers hit the field again tonight. this time, taking on the chargers. that game airs immediately after this newscast starting at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. after that is our fifth quarter post-game show. big brother airs at 2:39 a.m. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today a federal appeals coun san francisco upheld the law stopping t trying new tonight gay conversion therapy is effectively banned in california at least for now. today a federal appeals court in san francisco upheld the law stopping therapists from trying to make gay kids straight. some counselors and parents had challenged that ban saying it violates free speech rights. they could ask the court to
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reconsider that case. authorities busted an abalone poaching ring operating off the sonoma and mendocino coasts. kpix 5 reporter don ford explains each mollusk can sell for hundreds on the black market. >> reporter: a dozen california fish and wildlife game wardens descended on this house in oakland just after sunrise. they found what they were looking for. >> the biggest one here is the fresh one. this is from this season for sure. >> reporter: they are attacking a large organized group of abalone poachers, serving simultaneous search and arrest warrants across california. >> these particular guys are ex- streamingly aggressive -- extremely aggressive. >> reporter: 14 warrants were served in three counties including alameda, solano and sacramento counties. it is believed that these suspects harvested several hundred abalone this season. but the law says you can only have 3 at a time. the lieutenant says each one is worth up to $100 to $200 each
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on the black market. this is where the crime started according to officials. along the california coast amateur diving for abalone without tanks is allowed. but commercial diving for profit is not. divers hold their breath and use a special tool to pry the abs off the rocks. the meat of an abalone is a highly desired delicacy. >> frozen so this is seized as evidence but this is exactly what we're looking for. >> reporter: also seized were vehicles, diving gear and, of course, more abalone shells. >> it's a big deal. this is a big case for us. it's probably the biggest case we have had in the last probably three years. >> reporter: the 14 suspects arrested in today's raid will be taken to ukiah mendocino where the prosecutor officials say is particularly aggressive in prosecuting poaching crimes. in oakland, don ford, kpix 5. >> one of the suspect reportedly took 57 abalone in a season from the waters off
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sonoma and mendocino counties. i'm mark kelly at the embarcadero station. coming up on kpix 5, at 6:00, we are going to have the very first look at the evening commute since the bay bridge closed. >> it didn't pay my rent or bills. it doesn't pay for gas. >> not everybody is screaming for bigger paychecks. why some bay area fast food workers say they don't want raises. ,,,,,,
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from work - there is a lot of people on the train. >> now at 6:30, busy bart stations crowded roads as we all head home from work without the bay bridge in service. ken bastida joining us live from yerba buena island and ken, i'm thinking a lot of people are making plans for impromptu four-day holiday weekends. >> reporter: you're not kidding, allen. in fact, if you look over the side here there are easily 50, 60 vehicles down there. there are a lot of people working on the bridge right now. we are told they will work 24/5 for the next five days to get everything ready to go. the demolition and roadwork continuing around the clock and every minute we are getting closer and closer to a new bay bridge. that's the good part of all this. conversion work is under way on both sides of the new span.
6:30 pm
over by the toll plaza, they are ripping out concrete, they are shifting lanes over to the new approach. at the same time, they're putting the finishing touches on the transition on and off yerba buena island making it nice and smooth all the striping. as for the rest of the old bridge it's going to take about three years to tear it all down, they tell us. they will go from west to east tarting with the "s" curve. i got kind of attached to it after the last couple of years. that's coming out. it will be a painstaking process for sure. >> right now, this is a highly strong and stressed system. and when we start deconstructing it, we're going to start taking members down from this system and the first member we take out and all of a sudden the system isn't there anymore. >> reporter: yeah. crews will be working with the original bridge blueprints during the deconstruction process. they need to know exactly how it went up and that's the way they will take it down. they will just kind of


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